Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The invitations are in, addressed and on their way!

Heather, who I work with, did an amazing job on the envelopes and Kreativees created beautiful invitations! I am very excited to finally get them stuffed and off my desk!

After today I will have been to the post office four times in the last week.... I don't even know if I have been that many times in the last five years. The people at the post office are interesting but on Monday I encountered a very nice post office worker - the conversation went as follows:

Post Office Guy: Is there anything hazardous or fragile in these envelopes
Me: Nope
Post Office Guy: Are the wedding invitations?
Me: Yup
Post Office Guy: (after I swiped my debit card): Do you want cash back?
Me: Nope, I am all set
Post Office Guy: You should take some out while it is still just yours!

L-O-V-E it! This was the second trip to the post office.... of course the first trip ended with me buying regular first class stamps because as we all know I don't do details and it didn't cross my mind that the invitations would cost more.... as Jessica so kindly pointed out they would all get returned to me for insufficient postage and well that would be "no bueno"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu meetings, dress fittings, timelines oh my!

So obviously there will be no pictures of the wedding gown but here is one from the engagement shoot, amazingly I managed to get up without any grass stains! My wedding gown is in, it looks amazing and I can't wait for everyone to see it!

With less that 11 weeks left to go I feel like deadlines and projects are starting to pick up! The invitations are in and the envelopes are out for calligraphy. After what felt like 4,000 revisions they are absolutely perfect and Stephanie from Kreative's has been beyond amazing and the invitations came out exactly as we (I) wanted them to!

The menu has been discussed yet not tasted, quite a tease. We had the menu meeting at 10am and by 11:30 I thought I was going to die of hunger from listening to all the delicious ideas, lets just say everyone will be very well fed on October 8th!

The timeline is a headache and mostly just something I would rather not think about. I HATE planning and details, I just want to have a party, drink champagne and be surround by people who I love and will tell me I look beautiful... much easier said than done. I didn't even think about deciding when dances will be had and who will give speeches when, should salad be served before the parent dance? I just figured it would all just happen as it should.

I am now attempting to make a list - for those of you who don' know, I am not a list person. Everyone keeps telling me it is easy now that the big things are done. I do not agree, the big things are easy - you need a date, you need a venue and you need a bridal party. Its the little minutia that pops out of nowhere and throws me off, who knew someone had to be responsible for making sure the groomsmen put their boutonnieres on correctly?!

Well I'm off to attempt a list....

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Wedding Transportation!

So being the non-detail oriented person I am, I figured people would get an invitation and figure out how to get to the church and to the reception.... silly Colleen, we need to transport them to and fro. Just in case you haven't logged hours googling transportation methods in Boston there are about a million. You can go by school bus, you can go by charter bus. You can go by Boston trolley, you can go by Ghosts & Gravestones trolley. You can charter a Segway tour, you can charter a duck boat and if you happen to be Jessica your fiance can suggest chartering a fleet of pedi-cabs and giving each driver a t-shirt with a picture of their assigned passengers on it....

After realizing that the school bus probably doesn't have a/c, the charter bus is way to big for the tiny side streets of Charlestown, the Duck Boat is probably more expensive than flying people and I don't think anyone wants the pedi-cab driver to own a t-shirt with their face on it we settled on the trolley. While I think the Ghosts & Gravestones trolley is awesome we figured the classic Old Town Trolley is probably best - plus if I can get the wedding party to pose for pictures like these awesome people it will all be well worth it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just when I thought the photobooth couldn't get any better....

This gem of an email made its way into my inbox yesterday:

Hello Colleen,

I hope this email finds you well and getting excited for your Wedding!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are currently offering a Special Wireless LED Lighting Package for our Photo Booth Clients.  Couples may add our Wireless LED Lighting Wedding Package, which includes 10 lighting units, for $600.  This package features the availability to choose from a variety of colors.  This Package typically costs $1,000 but is currently available as a Photo Booth Package Add-on for $600 for a limited time.  If this is of interest or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank You!


Scott Marshall
Seacoast Events

Seacoast Events is proud to announce that our Photo Booth Services have been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick!

I am sold! In my mind this add-on is going to create a lazer backdrop like my 2nd grade school photo.... I mean for a mere $600 who can deny anyone, especially a bride, the joy of having such an important day caputured with a lazer lightshow background?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



We have tried a few different types of cupcakes at this point.... some were ehh, some were meh and some were overwhelming.

Enter Kickass Cupcakes after hearing how much Jessica loved their cupcakes I figured we may as well travel to Somerville and give them a taste! The shop is tiny and was packed but we were still running on the high of finally buying a car, a redbull and half an english muffin each so we were willing to wait it out and so glad we did! We tried a few different flavors that each got better and better! The best comment from Corey "Yup, this is the one - those other ones tasted like Crisco" We picked three flavors but everyone will have to wait in anticipation to find out which three, leaving one open spot just in case they come out with an awesome seasonal flavor!

Considering that we are planning a five course meal for the wedding everyone better save room for the cupcakes, I promise they will be worth it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Engagement Shoot - C-Town Style

Well we finally made it to the engagement shoot! I was on a mission - nothing was going to stop me not the sort of crappy weather or Corey's newly "trimmed" hair courtesy of Gangster Cuts.... picture this string of text messages:

Corey: Take the m lites out of the freezer
Colleen: Obv I already did but thanks for the order, a please would have been nice
Corey: Can you "please" bring a m lite down to gansta cuts?
Colleen: No, can you "please" come home and watch a movie with me?
Corey: Nevermind the nice lady just gave me some booze
Colleen: She is trying to roofie you
Corey: Arbor mist, I think

There should have been no doubt in my mind that this haircut was not going to come out how I wanted!

We wake up on Saturday and the weather is not any nicer and Corey's hair wasn't any longer but I think we rocked out the engagement session! Corey was determined to get an Awkward Family Photo and I tripped over my own feet at least three times, yup, the photographer is wondering what he got himself into!

Everyone will have to wait 2-3 weeks for the proofs but I bet they will be worth the wait!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding vs. My Big Fat Boston Wedding

A. I would LOVE to have Kate's 2nd McQueen gown
B. I would love even more to have her lack of armpit fat!

Pomp and circumstance aside there were three Bs that make up the main differences between My Big Fat Boston Wedding and the Royal Wedding:

Budget - I think the monarchy might have had a slightly bigger budget going into this event but who knows!

Bridesmaids - Mine will all be over the age of 21 and hopefully will not make any faces that scream "I am so bored and I don't want to be on this balcony any longer"

Beer - My Big Fat Boston Wedding will be serving beer.... and champagne and wine and liquor - we aim to please all!

When it comes to what I hope My Big Fat Boston Wedding and The Royal Wedding have in common I have only one word.... Facinators! I am thinking maybe we get the bridesmaids orange ones to coordinate with the groomsmens ties....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh October!

Just in case a wedding wasn't a big enough event for October we have added in our 5 year college reunion.... the next weekend! While getting married makes me feel kind of old the fact that we are at a reunion interval makes me feel really old!

 In the full spirit of embracing this old age hotel rooms are booked, vacation for the week is booked and I plan on eating a least 10 Rise 'n Shiners from KKD since this will be the first post-"lots of nightmares that my wedding dress won't fit day of the wedding diet". For those of you not lucky enough to go to school in Burlington, VT the Rise 'n Shiner is a sandwich made up of your choice of bread (go for bulkie roll), egg, your choice of cheese, your choice of meat (obvi ham) and a hash brown.... drooling already! I will be on vacation from work Mon/Tues for wedding re-coop in Wed/Thurs and back out Friday - considering how important I am I don't know how work will manage.... ahhh Jessica (or HAHA Jessica)

I am very happy to report that I have heard rumors that Aidan Murphy will be partaking in a Sig Ep basement Beruit tournament.... its a toss up weather to bet on Aidan winning or his mother blocking the entire outing..... I might go with Aidan winning considering if there was no Sig Ep basement who knows if his parents would have ever met.... on that note if the Sig Ep basement didn't exist I might have never met Corey and we might not be here contemplating My Big Fat Boston Wedding.... who knew a gross basement and cheap bear could produce such amazing things!

This will be only the second time I have been back to UVM since graduation, if we make it to Brewers Fest it will be number 3!

Until then I will just be here dreaming of eating Rise 'n Shiners after drinking cheap bear while actually eating tofu.... and of course doing my best to keep you all updated on MY BIG FAT BOSTON WEDDING!

Monday, April 18, 2011


So I have been slacking on the posts.... and the gym.... and the healthy eating (I may or may not have had 12 string cheeses last week alone....) Considering that our engagement pictures are being taken on May 7th, a mere three weeks from now, it is a good thing I decided to go with the armpit fat minimizing dress choice! While I am hoping that the armpit fat is going to melt away as I watch the marathon runners out my window at work, I am pretty sure it won't happen.

Everything has been pretty quiet on the wedding front. The (almost) last batch of save-the-dates went out today, I am just waiting on three addresses from Corey and I have to actually get to the post office one day to mail the international ones but we will get there! We have finalized the booking for rehersal dinner - Figs in Charlestown, so delicious and I am sure that fried calamari and wood fired pizza is just what a bride needs the day before her wedding.... but they are too good to pass up!

Most importantly - (sidebar, for those of you who don't know, I secretly wish I was a professional bowler and I love to bowl even thought I never win and yes I don't win even though I took two semsesters of bowling at UVM) - we are bowling after the rehersal dinner! Lanes & Games here we come! Yes Chris & Jessica, people do actually go there. Lanes & Games is the most fabulously low keyed bolwing alley, they have candlepin (boo) and big ball (only real way to bowl) not to mention delicious pump cheese nachos, Stella on tap and the carpet-on-the-walls decor. It is in Cambridge near Alewife/Fresh Pond right next to the unfortuantly closed down Faces. I planning on wearing my very own for the occasion bowling shoes and I am REALLY hoping that maybe just for once I can win..... or in the very least just not lose!

Friday, April 8, 2011

6 Months to Go!

We have officially hit T-6 months until My Big Fat Boston Wedding! A big thank you to everyone who has put up with me so far, Mom, Dad, Corey, Jessica and a whole bunch of vendors. We really only have a few more big items to knock out, cake testing, food tasting, finalize the florist, gift bags and the little DIY stuff.

This weekend I am headed down to MD to see The Nanny. She has purchased a lavender dress for the wedding and is really excited about it, it has 12 layers and the sales girls told her it looked perfect! This also means I need to spend the plane ride organizing everything I have done/am doing/need to do for the wedding as she is going to want a full account as soon as she picks me up! Wish me luck.... we all know how I do with the details....

May the next 6 months be filled with peace, serenity and lots of tastings!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Q2 Challenge!

April brings showers, tax day and most importantly the beginning of the Q2 challenge!

I decided that Q2 would be the start of healthy eating and no booze Mon-Wed, obviously with the goal of losing (or even just slimming) the ever challenging armpit fat! I think there should always be boundaries, time constraints and I shouldn't knowingly set myself up for failure hence the fact that the no booze is only three days a week and we are starting with just one quarter.

For those of you wondering.... its not off to a stellar start. Considering Jessica and I drank half the bar at Tico and had fried Manchego cheese with mango honey dipping sauce and fish tacos last night I am going to go with maybe Q2 needed a one week grace period. I started the week off so well with yogurt and salads and this is how it is ending....

Tonight is healthy grill - grilled tofu, veggie and chicken! Wish me luck!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Day Out!

Last Thursday my mom came to look at additional florists, I will say this go around was a little bit easier since I actually knew some of the flowers names. We started off with a little breakfast at the club and then headed out, table clothes in hand. Our first stop was with Teresa at Mimosa she was very calm and listened to both of our ideas, plus she gave me a whole bouquet of flowers on the way out! At this point we have seen two florists and like two florists....

Flowers from Mimosa!

Next I wanted to go to M. Flynn to look for jewlery for me and the bridesmaids. The shop is run by two sisters and is both a working studio and boutique. The best part of shopping at M. Flynn is that if you see something you like but want it a bit different they will make it for you! Mom and I looked at a bunch of jewlery and talked to her about doing custom pieces, everyone will have to wait for the final results!
After a delicious lunch (and beverage) at Aquitaine it was off to Ilex to meet with Andrew for the final flower consultation. Andrew had some great ideas and brought up a few things we hadn't even thought of - such as using the material from gown alteration to wrap the stems of my bouquet!

I got in a cab to go home, with my bouquet, and here is the conversation I had with the cabbie:

Cabbie: Did you get those flowers from a wedding?
Me: No, I was meeting with a florist to plan the flowers for my wedding
Cabbie: Ohh, congratulations, when is the wedding?
Me: In October
Cabbie: Those flowers have to last until October?!

Here is what we learned on Thursday:
  1. In Boston you can have a fabulous lunch for $12.95
  2. To get from 96 to 40 on the same street it is only a 3-5 minute walk when it would be 6 blocks in NYC
  3. Mom and I really liked all three florists.... what to do!
  4. I don't deal well with anxiety or having to make decisions